Automotive_Wheel_BearingThe wheel bearing is a metal device that fits in between the wheel and spindle of your wheel. These bearings are heavily greased for creating ultra smooth slippery surface. The idea is to allow the wheels to run independently from your vehicle. The wheel bearings are necessary parts for any vehicle. These bearings ensure a smooth ride for you. Wheel bearings are most common type of bearings. Everything from cars, motorcycles to skateboards have them. A certain amount of friction is generated when any wheel turns. Heavier the weight of the bearing on wheel, more will be the resistance. Because of this the name “wheel bearing” was established for the component which decreases friction between various parts when the wheel is spinning. These bearing relieve resistance between the moving parts inside the wheel thereby reducing erosion and wear and increasing wheel life.
Some types of wheel bearings were described by the Renaissance man himself viz. Leonardo Da Vinci in some of his studies in the earlier part of 16th century. Invention of wheel bearings along with the invention of rebirth was easily one of the most important discoveries in that era and the bearings haven’t changed much over a period of time. It is believed that Leonardo Da Vinci described a type wheel bearing somewhere around the year of 15000.

Types of Wheel Bearings
There are different types of wheel bearings which are applied to the wheels depending on the use of the concerned wheel.

Maintenance and Common Issues with Wheel Bearings

The right maintenance of ball bearings is typically the key to ensure a problem free operation. Poor quality bearings are often responsible for the clunking noises that can be heard while turning the wheel and also the gritty feel of the wheel.

Wheel Bearing Replacement

Most bearings have a small life span, normally up to 1 million rotations before they break. Because of this, wheel bearing replacement is continuously required for using your vehicle again. The bearings necessary for replacement might be of any type such as ball bearings, tapered bearings etc. For ensuring that bearing replacement is a success, the complete set of bearings has to be replaced. This is done to ensure that all bearings get a fresh start from zero revolutions until they have to be replaced again. This also avoids the need for replacement again and again in near future. A lot of care is necessary while carrying out the wheel bearing replacement operation as it is critical to your vehicle. This should not become a cause of any untoward accident. Many shops are available that provide wheel bearings and instructions for using them properly. [ complete replacement guide ]